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About Brick City Boxing

Welcome to Brick City Boxing, Pasadena’s premier destination for authentic boxing fitness. Founded by world-class professional boxer Joe Hanks, our gym offers a genuine boxing-inspired, high-intensity fitness experience. Our classes are designed to provide an unparalleled workout, combining traditional boxing techniques with strength training and cardio to help you achieve peak physical fitness. At Brick City Boxing, we focus on delivering a powerful and transformative workout that builds strength, endurance, and confidence. 

Brick City Boxing is more than a gym; it’s a cornerstone of the community, providing a supportive and motivating environment where members can grow, not only physically, but also in resilience.

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After reaping the rewards of a successful career as a heavyweight boxing champion and starting a family, Joe Hanks identified a pressing need for quality fitness resources in his community. Brick City Boxing emerged from Joe’s vision as a cutting-edge, boxing-inspired fitness experience, uniquely crafted by the world-class professional himself.

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    Brick City Boxing offers a variety of classes designed to help you reach that strong, confident, and lean fighting shape. Our boxing-inspired classes combine high-intensity boxing workouts with strength, cardio, and core exercises, ensuring you reach your full potential and fitness goals. In addition to our dynamic group classes, Brick City Boxing provides semi-private sessions for a more personalized, challenging experience, conditioning classes, and youth classes to instill a love of fitness in children and inspire a new generation of boxers.

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    Don’t know where to start? Get your first session FREE at Brick City Boxing! Join us for our group boxing class and experience top-notch training with our elite coaches. Get ready to burn calories and tone your body in our boxing-inspired, high-intensity classes! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our dynamic fitness sessions are designed to challenge and inspire you. Don’t miss out on this knockout opportunity!

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