About Us


After reaping the rewards of a successful career as a heavyweight boxing champion and starting a family, Joe Hanks identified a pressing need for quality fitness resources in his community. During the pandemic, Joe constructed a home boxing gym and began training over 50 clients, fostering a vibrant fitness community. This experience ignited Joe’s passion for sharing his extensive boxing knowledge and the powerful life lessons he learned in the ring. Motivated by this success, Joe envisioned a unique fitness hub tailored to empower individuals of all ages to meet their fitness goals.

Brick City Boxing, located in Pasadena, emerged from Joe's vision as a cutting-edge, boxing-inspired fitness experience, uniquely crafted by the world-class professional himself. Drawing inspiration from his formative years training in various gyms across Newark, NJ—affectionately known as Brick City—Joe designed our classes to fuse time-honored boxing techniques with modern, high-intensity cardio and strength training. This innovative approach ensures that every workout not only challenges the body but also prepares the mind, equipping our members to tackle any challenge with strength and confidence.

Brick City Boxing is more than just a gym; it's a cornerstone of the community, providing a supportive and motivating environment where members can grow, not only physically but also in confidence and resilience.